Vipin Nair

Founder / CEO

A man of many talents is the best way to describe the CEO and one of the founders of Pixemo Studios. He kick started his career as a Biotechnologist, made a career shift, became the creative head of an Image stock company and later the producer of IMAGEROM (a leading production house in Asia). He marked his ground by working with the bigwigs of the Industry like Loh Lin Shan, Kah Loong Lee, Michael Yeoh and Gerald Goh are the few to mention. Also, he is a gentleman who can impress you with his photography and yoga skills.
Sumesh Madhavan

Founder / Senior Digital Imaging Artist

A computer engineer who always knew that his heart belonged in the world of technology and digital art. He soon became “the guru of retouching” as he can track down every single pixel and breath life into the most soulless image. He has established himself by working with many International photographers and now maintains a status among the most sought after digital imaging artist in the country.
Satheesh Krishna

Digital Imaging artist

A man with creative vision. Having worked with many multinational companies, he has not just advanced his craft, but has also acquired the knowledge of finding the quickest solutions to creative problems.
Prasanth Kumar

Digital Imaging artist

He can surprise you with how just a bit of change in color can completely change the way you look at an image. Apart from his creative streak, he has a hand at production too.
Shazia Shaikh

Assistant Producer

Known by her nick name 'Mizba'. Never looses out on an opportunity to learn and exhibit her capabilities. All about the quirk at work!