The frozen desire

The frozen desire.

Imara known for its fancy play with apparel designs, chose Pixemo Studios to add an extra star to their new apparel by letting us give new shapes to their ideas.

The Idea represented in the image is to portray the talent that dons the Imara outfit in an environment that would best reflect the aesthetics of the apparel brand.



The envision of the image displays the the basic idea that has to be transited in a way that the image stands out and flatters the subject in focus.

Digital imaging breakdown

The image incorporates a wild fairytale theme.
Hence the setting in the background is a combination of earthy elements and old ruins: bought together in a sense that symbolises the blend of wilderness and beauty present in the donned attire.



The elements in the image are consciously placed to make the talent seem as the dominant element. As the colour palate in the background consists majorly of white, blue and a little amount red which is comparatively subtle yet compliments the talent`s attire.


Image detailing

The focus of the image is to blow life in to the fantasy by giving emphasis to the intricate details. As when the image is zoomed in, the little details such as the cracked pillars, frozen trees etc become more visually appealing as the details appear to look real.


The frozen lake with the alined snow appears as a platform for the Winter goddesses, who not only appears to remain unaffected by the wild weather but also seems like the cause of the beautiful climatic chaos.